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Latest Research Findings

Explore our latest research findings and discoveries in the field of nanoscale magnetic imaging. Click here to learn more about our cutting-edge projects and innovative work.

Visualizing thickness-dependent magnetic textures in few-layer Cr2Ge2Te6

Learn about the evolution of magnetic order on the nanometer-scale as a function of the number of atomic layers in 2D magnet CrGeTe.

Published in Commun. Mater. 5, 40 (2024).

On the coupling of magnetic moments to superconducting quantum interference devices

Back to basics: Learn about the coupling factor quantifying the magnetic flux of a magnetic moment seen by a detecting SQUID.

Published in Supercond. Sci. Technol. 37 025010 (2024)

Temporal evolution of electric transport properties of YBa2Cu3O7−δ Josephson junctions produced by focused-helium-ion-beam irradiation

Latest advances on YBCO based Josephson Junctions fabricated with FIB technology.

Published in Phys. Rev. Applied 21, 014065 (2024).

Herstellung und Transfer von Nanometer dünnen YBCO Membranen

The first thesis within FIBsuperprobes, written and successfully defended by Katja Wurster.

Published by the University of Tübingen (2023).

Electron-beam lithography of nanostructures at the tips of scanning probe cantilevers

A beautiful new receipe to fabricate leads on the tip of cantilevers, happy cooking!

Published in AIP Advances 13, 035208 (2023).

Nanoscale direct-write fabrication of superconducting devices for application in quantum technologies

A perspective article, evaluating the current state of research on the use of focused electron and ion beams to directly fabricate nanoscale superconducting devices and their application in quantum technologies.

Published in Materials for Quantum Technologies (2023).

Direct-write of Tungsten-Carbide nanoSQUIDs based on Focused Ion Beam Induced Deposition

Ever tried to make a nanoSQUID using focused ion beam induced deposition? Here you can find some good advice.

Published in Nanoscale Advances 4, 4628 (2022).

Low-resistivity, high-resolution W-C electrical contacts fabricated by direct-write focused electron beam induced deposition

Paving the road to make nanoSQUIDs with tungsten-carbide. Good contacts are a key element.

Published in Open Res Europe (2022), 2:102.

Superconducting W-C nanopillars fabricated by Ga+ focused ion beam induced deposition

Basics of tungsten-carbide deposition using focused ion beam technology.

Published in Journal of Solid State Chemistry (2022).

Static and dynamic transport properties of multiterminal, multi-junction microSQUIDs realized with Nb/HfTi/Nb Josephson junctions

SQUID entuthiasts will get their money's worth in this article.

Published in Supercond. Sci. Technol. 35, 085006 (2022).

Superconducting Materials and Devices Grown by Focused Ion and Electron Beam Induced Deposition

You are a newbie in focused ion or electron beam induced deposition? This review will guide you on your way.

Published in Nanomaterials, 12, 1367 (2022)

Magnetic, thermal, and topographic imaging with a nanometer-scale SQUID-on-cantilever scanning probe

First demonstration of the scanning SQUID-on-cantilever probe.

Published in Phys. Rev. Appl. 17, 034002 (2022).

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