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Welcome to FIBsuperprobes! We are the future of nanoscale magnetic imaging. Our mission is to revolutionize research project by providing cutting-edge FIB superprobes. Want to learn more about our work? Get in touch with us today.

Meet Our Pricipal Investigators

Our team is comprised of brilliant minds with diverse expertise in nanoscale magnetic imaging. Together, we strive to redefine the possibilities of magnetic microscopy and explore new frontiers in nanomagnetism research.


Prof. Martino Poggio

University of  Basel

With many years of experience in scanning probe technology Martino is the designated head of FIBsuperprobes.


Prof. José M. De Teresa

CSIC and University of Zaragoza

As an expert in all types of focused ion or electron beam assisted patterning techniques José is indispensable for FIBsuperprobes.


Prof. Dieter Koelle

Universität Tübingen

With a passion for superconductivity and magnetism Dieter is the expert for superconducting quantum interference devices in the team.


Dr. Armin Knoll

IBM Zürich

Armin knows all about cantilevers, their fabrication, functionality and properties. He brings the industrial perspective into FIBsuperprobes.

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