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  • Boris Gross

3rd annual FIBsuperProbes meeting

From the 30th to the 31st, Ph.D. student Daniel Jetter, post-doc Dr. Kousik Bagani, and Prof. Poggio attended the 3rd annual meeting of the “FIBsuperProbes” FET-Open collaboration between our group, the group of Dieter Kölle in Tübingen, the group of Armin Knoll at IBM Zürich, and the group of José María De Teresa in Zaragoza. Daniel gave a talk entitled, “Visualizing thickness-dependent spin texture in few layer Cr2Ge2Te6“. The meeting was organized by Prof. De Teresa in Zaragoza and featured a full day of talks, discussion, lab tours, and dinner. Thank you to José María for being an excellent host.

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