October 2021
1st annual FIBsuperProbes meeting

From the 4th to the 5th the first annual meeting of the FET-Open collaboration was held in Basel at the Department Physics. This collaboration aims to enable a new era in scanning probe microscopy, in which nanometer-scale sensing devices – specifically superconducting devices – can be directly patterned on-tip and used to reveal new types of contrast. The meeting included a program of talks, a dinner, and plenty of time for discussion. Special thanks to Kousik Bagani and Claudia Wirth for helping with the organization.

May 2021
2nd FIBsuperProbes consortium meeting

On the 20th of May the 2nd FIBsuperProbes consortium meeting was held in a digital environment. The latest results from each working group were presented and then discussed. Many thanks to all who participated.

February 2021
1st FIBsuperProbes consortium meeting

On the 22th of February the 1st FIBsuperProbes consortium meeting was held in a digital environment. First results from the different groups were presented and further steps were discussed. The meeting is then repeated at a reasonable time interval.

October 2020
Kick-off Meeting

On the 29th of October the whole project consortium held the Kick-off meeting digitally. The agenda was divided into three main parts including the project administration, introduction of participants and short talks were given about the expertise, plans and current status. We are excited to work on this project!

Start of the FIBsuperProbes project

1st of October 2020: Start of the FIBsuperProbes project and the associated publication of the project website.